Mid-States Supply

About Mid-States Supply.

Since our inception more than 50 years ago, Mid-States supply has prided itself on being the industries most knowledgeable and service oriented suppliers of pipe, valves and fittings. Strong customer relationships have allowed Mid-States to service all aspects of process management unlike any other supplier in the industry.

Midco Supply is a subsidiary of Mid-States. Mid-States' success over the years has allowed us to branch out and expand across the U.S., resulting in numerous Mid-States and Midco locations, and while the name may be different, the commitment to service and excellence remains the same.

Midco’s Value Added Service Group is the technical sales division of Mid-States Supply Company. Our sales staff consists of engineers, technicians and industrial hardware specialists. In response to the increasing number of customer requests for automated solutions, Mid-States Supply developed Midco Technical Group. With a vision for the future, the need to develop a technical sales division was recognized, specializing in valve automation, instrumentation and steam services.

Midco integrates valves, controllers, transmitters, indicators, and control devices along with every steam related component imaginable into process solutions. We represent major companies such as Honeywell, Ashcroft, Velan Valve, Auma Actuators, Spirax Sarco, TLV, Insultek, Armstrong, Nilcholson and many more.

Midco Projects Group was developed to assist our customer with large projects that have special requirements. The project group provides professional bids that consolidate large lists of material and a variety of other requirements such as MTRs, LOCs, Supply Bonds, Freight, Drawings, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Hydrotesting, etc. The project group tracks the order from beginning to end.

Our resources enable us to provide complete solutions for our customers, from the primary sensing element and controller to steam traps and heat exchangers. We are responsible for the assembly and delivery of the complete unit. Our customers do not have to shop parts, purchase from multiple sources, or assemble the product themselves.

Midco’s plant services group will site survey all aspects of energy consumption ranging from steam, process water, plant air, analytical and process controls.

With over 20 stocking branches strategically placed across the United States, Mid-States Supply can handle your facilities needs!

Mid-States     HQ: 1716 Guinotte Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64120, US :: 800.825.1410