AARAssociation of American Railroads
AGAAmerican Gas Association
AISIAmerican Iron & Steel Institute
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute — Formerly ASA
APIAmerican Petroleum Institute
ASAAmerican Standard Institute — Now known as ANSI
ASMAmerican Society for Metals
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing Materials
AWWAAmerican Water Works Association
BALESBanded lifts of pipe
BAR MILLRoiling mill where blooms are processed to form billets
BEVELThe angle formed between the prepared edge of the end of the pipe and a plane perpendicular to the surface. Standard line pipe bevel is 30 degrees.
BILLETRound solid bar of steel which is pierced to form a seamless tube or pipe.
BLKterm used when O.D. surface of pipe is protected with a varnish-type oil. Also applies to bare pipe to denote not galvanized.
BLOOMA semifinished hot rolled product produced on a blooming mill.
B.O.F.Basic Oxygen Furnace
BRIGOS STANDARDA standard of thread dimensions. Same as American Standard
B.T.U.British Thermal Unit
BLDSBundles — practice of packaging pipe from 1/8 inch to 1 1/2 inch. Pieces per bundle vary with size.
BURST TESTA destructive hydraulic test to determine actual yield strength and ultimate strength of seamless and welded pipe.
B.W.Butt Weld Pipe — See Continuous Weld Pipe
B.W.G.Birmingham Wire Gauge
CASINGPipe used as a structural retainer for the walls of a water, gas, or oil well.
C.D.Cold Drawn — Drawing pipe or tubing through a die to reduce diameter and wall, to obtain closer tolerances, a better finish or higher physical properties.
CHAMFERA beveled surface to eliminate an otherwise sharp corner. A finishing operation prior to threading.
CHEMICAL PROPERTIESNormally associated with a limited number of chemical elements. Minimum or max imum limits are established in most ASTM and API Specifications.
CUT LENGTHPipe out to a specific length as ordered.
CONDUITPipe serving as a duct for electrical wiring. Usually supplied In 10 foot lengths, threaded and coupled. Pipe used is normally galvanized, slightly lighter than standard weight with a smooth interior surface.
CPLGCoupling — threaded sleeve used to connect two lengths of pipe.
C.W.Continuous Weld — method of producing pipe normally in sizes from ½ inch to 4 inch.
C.W.T.per hundred weight
DIE STAMPINGPermanent marking placed on pipe as required in some specifications.
DOUBLE EXTRA HEAVYAlso known as double extra strong. Available from ½ inch to 8 inch nominal pipe. Wall thickness is twice as heavy as extra heavy pipe with the exception of 8 Inch diameter.
DRLDouble Random Length (35 foot minimum average)
DRIFTEDAttaining a certain minimum I.D. clearance by pushing a mandrel through pipe or tubing.
DRIVE PIPEPipe used for driving into ground in water well applications. Supplied with drive coupling.
DUCTILITYThe ability of a material to deform plastically without fracturing. Measured by elongation in a tensile test.
ERWElectric Resistance Weld Pipe — method of producing pipe normally in sizes from 2 3/8” O.D. through 22” O.D.
E.U.E.External Upset Ends — used in API tubing and drill pipe.
EXPANDED PIPEPipe which. has been enlarged circumferentially by mechanical or hydraulic pressure.
EXTRA HEAVYAlso known as extra strong — pipe with walls heavier than standard weight. Same as schedule 80 in sizes 1/8 inch to 8 Inch diameter.
F.O.B.Free on Board
FRI Freight
GALV, Galvanizing coating pipe with a protective coating of zinc.
GRADE A OR BDesignations used to indicate minimum yield and tensile strengths of steel in seamless and welded pipe.
G.T., Gross Ton2,240 pounds
HYDROSTATIC TESTINGHigh pressure, water test to predetermine pressures as required by specifications.
l.D., Inside DiameterThe O.D. measurement less double the wall thickness is the I.D. measurement of a pipe or tube.
INGOTUsually first solid form of steel, Suitable for reworking or remelting.
I.P.S., Iron Pipe SizeSame as nominal size from 1/8 inch to 12 Inch.
JOINTTerm used to refer to one length of pipe.
L.T.C.Long threads and coupling (OCTG)
LARGE O.D. PIPEPipe 14 inch O.D. and larger
L.W., Lap WeldOld method of producing pipe 5 inch diameter and over.
MECHANICAL PROPERTIESTensile strength, elongation, hardness and fatigue limit of steel.
MID-WELDSTwo or more Joints welded to form one long joint.
MINIMUM WALLMinimum thickness permissible calculated by subtracting minus tolerance from nominal wall.
N.A.S.P.D.The National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors
N.B.S.National Bureau of Standards
NIPPLEShort length of pipe 12 inches and under normally threaded both ends.
NOM—Nominalname given to standard pipe designations 1/8 inch through 12 inch. Does not indicate actual I.D.
N.T., Net Ton2,000 pounds
O-D.Outside diameter
O.H.Open hearth
P.E.Plain ends
PERCPlain end roller cut
PESCPlain end square cut or saw cut or machine cut
PICKLINGPipe immersed in acid bath to remove scale, oil. dirt, etc.
PROTECTORSleeve with threads to protect threads
PSIPounds per square inch.
RANGEAllowable lengths in oil field casing and tubing. Expressed as Range 1 (20 foot R/L). Range 2(30 foot RIL) and Range 3 (40 foot R/L).
R/LRandom Length. Varying lengths of pipe.
R&DReamed and Drifed — commonly used in water wells to guarantee I.D. clearance
SAWSubmerged Arc Weld — a method of producing very large OD pipe.
SCALEAn oxide of Iron which forms on the surface of steel.
SCHEDULE NUMBERSANSI numbers assigned to pipe to designate wall thickness.
SMLS—Seamlesspipe without a seam or weld in the circumference.
SKELPLong narrow strip of plate of correct thickness and width to produce CW or ERW pipe. SRL, Single Random Lengths — usually 18 foot to 22 foot. Minimum average of 17’6”.
S.T. & C.Short Thread & Coupled (OCTG).
STENCILidentification painted on pipe. Specification, size, wall, grade, test pressure, method of manufacture and mill identification are usually indicated.
STOStandard — Same as Sch. 40 1/8”-1.0”
STRETCH REDUCEA technique employed in the manufacture of OW pipe in which one or several master sizes of pipe are produced, then stretched reduced through a number of rolls to achieve a variety of pipe diameters. Also used in certain instances in seamless and ERW manufacturing.
TBEThread Both Ends
T & CThreaded and Coupled
TOEThread One End
TENSILE STRENGTHUltimate bursting strength to resist being pulled apart. Expressed in P.S.I.
VICTAULIC JOINTPipe is grooved near ends to accommodate a victaulic coupling.
YIELD STRENGTHThe tensile stress required to produce a total elongation of .5 percent of the gauge length as determined by an extensometer. Expressed in P.S I.
XHYExtra Heavy (Extra Strong)
XXHYDouble Extra Heavy (Double Extra Strong)

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