Technical Services

With ever increasing energy costs in mind, Mid-States has implemented the Value Added Services Group into our portfolio. This subsidiary of Mid-States targets energy consumables through audits, surveys, and reporting.

Mid-States offers Value-Added Services through its Technical Services and Steam Midwest Groups entailing:
  • Teams of product specialists including 17 professionals, degreed in engineering and averaging 15 years of industry experience
  • The incorporation of non-commodity, technical services and product specific knowledge into new and existing accounts
  • Solutions to make customer operations more efficient and product recommendations to generate future savings
Mid-States continues to increase its focus on technical services as it directly impacts core product, offering:

Process and Analytical Controls

Steam Services

Corrosion solutions Process audits
Controllers Steam trap services
Indicators Thermal loss prevention
Programmers Consultation services
Wireless transmitters Condensate recovery / optimization
Pressure, temp, flow, & level transmitters Steam distribution
Ph/orp conductivity oxygen moisture analyzers Cost justifications analysis
Paper/paperless recorders

Valve Automation

Plant Air

Electric/pneumatic actuation Transair process air piping
System audits and consultation Process surveys and audits
Pre-assembly install start up services Justification and recommendation
Linage machining fabrication kits Replacement and installation services
Multi-turn, quarter-turn, linear non-intrusive Plant air monitoring and tracking
Local plc/pc interface Condensate monitoring and control
Modbus profibus devicenet ma 110v control

Engineering and Field Services

Specialty Items

Contract savings initiatives Expansion joints
Mechanical retrofits Vacuum jacketed piping
Field service Process and specialty gauges
Product design & conceptual development Information technology services

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