Consignment Inventory

In industrial maintenance, the amount of time needed to bring production equipment or a process back on line after an unexpected breakdown cannot be measured only by costs directly related to the maintenance department, but also by production loss figures. A key function of a maintenance department is to have the right personnel, knowledge, and material on hand to complete repairs correctly and as quickly as possible.

With the development of a partnership with Mid-States Supply, a maintenance manager can eliminate one piece of this puzzle. A Consignment Inventory is an excellent means of making sure the correct material will be available when needed.

Mid-States Supply’s large invested inventory and knowledge of our clients’ needs leads to replacing the Salesman with a Technical Partner.

Major advantages of a Consignment Inventory are:
  • Material needed is readily available to be on the job-site
  • Materials are priced on a contractual basis, so key maintenance personnel can focus on other more pressing tasks, instead of obtaining bids
  • Mid-States systems software makes the transfer of material easy, and less manpower is spent processing purchase orders and tracking deliveries
  • Material is not invoiced until it has been used, relieving budget strain and the need for keeping large on-site inventories
  • Consignment Inventory means that quality will be consistent, our customer knows the material available and proper operation, and Mid-States ensures that the correct product will be available when needed

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