On-Site Trailers

Mid-States Supply On-Site Material Management system puts control of material at your fingertips.

Job trailers are available for extended periods of time and can be set up on the job site for easy access to material. The trailers come stocked with our customers requested material. Based on the job specifications, this could mean the trailer is completely furnished with all material required for the duration of job, or partially stocked and replenished by Mid-States on a monthly or as needed basis.

The job trailers are organized according to our customer’s specifications, and labeled with material description and barcodes, if desired. With barcodes on material bins, our customer can scan items directly into our system. From there they can upload current item information and re-order material as needed.

Mid-States Supply On-Site Material Management System is an easy way to have material readily available for use on the job, and gives you the power to control project pace.

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