Contract Administration

Mid-States Project Group is committed to assisting our customer in consolidation of material and customer service!

The Project Group was developed to assist our customer with large projects and/or projects that have special requirements. The Project Group provides professional bids that consolidate large lists of material for our customer. The bid can also include a variety of other requirements including, but not limited to: Material Test Reports, Letters of Credit, Supply Bonds, Freight, Drawings, Installation and Operation Manuals, Hydro testing, etc. The project group then tracks the order from order entry to invoicing.

Some of the services the Project Group provides include:
  • Preparing professional bids and quotations
  • Consolidating material from multiple vendors, Mid-States acts as one vendor for our customer
  • Supplying commercial terms of a contract: Warranties, Letters of Credit and Supply Bonds, etc.
  • Providing required documentation: Material Test Reports, Installation and Operation Manuals, Technical Drawings, Testing Documents, Weld Procedures, MSDS Sheets, Quality Assurance, Electronic Material Lists, Monthly Reports, Shipping Docs, etc.
  • Tracking all projects from beginning to end to make status reports available to our customer at any time
  • Expediting material
  • Providing shipment details: expected ship dates, necessary shipment documents, and tracking information

Mid-States     HQ: 1716 Guinotte Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64120, US :: 800.825.1410