Compressed Air Services

Mid-States Supply can be your single source supplier of all your compressed air needs.

Services include plant assessment to identify improvement opportunities for compressed air systems, preventive maintenance services and redesign of components to reduce energy uses.

Mid-States offers a comprehensive compressed air leak audit using state of the art ultrasonic technology to improve costs, energy, safety and environmental impact.

Compressed Air Leak Assessment

  • Air leak detection and tagging
  • Detailed report on findings with recommendations
    Report includes Indicating
    • Level (quantification)
    • Department
    • Equipment
    • Element leaking
    • Required action
    • Complete analysis of improper application practices
    • Detailed air leak location report
  • Replacement and installation services


  • Ingersoll Rand
    • Air Compressors
    • Air Dryers
    • Air Preparation
    • Tools
    • Accessories
  • DLB
    • Desiccant Air Dryers
    • Compressed Air Breathing Systems
    • Drain Guards
  • TransAir
    • Process Air Piping
    • Accessories

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