Steam Division

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Mid-States Supply’s Steam Division is your link to tenured, skilled, and unbiased customer-oriented steam systems services and solutions. Mid-States Supply competently represents and inventories all of the major steam specialty manufacturers. This means we can promptly supply what you request; as well as offer the best product possible.


Technical Mechanical
Steam Trap Survey Audits Turnkey Services
Training Steam Trap Surveys
Troubleshooting Commissioning
Engineering Off-Site Repairs
Design Custom Kits
Steam Trap Management Programs Custom Modules
Condensate Recovery Contract MRO

Product Expertise

Heat Exchangers Control Valves Insulation
Shell & Tube Pressure Regulators Reusable
Plate & Frame Temperature Regulators Custom-fitted
Fin Coils Desuperheaters Specialized Coatings
Unit Heaters Safety Relief Valves Steam Flow Meters
Injection Expansion Joints Boiler Optimization Controls
Blending Separators Test Instrumentation
Mixing Strainers Valves
Condensate Specialties Clean Steam Filters Gauges
Pumps Steam Traps Site Glasses
-Electric Severe Service Valves Thermal
-Non-Electric Stop Valves Ultrasonic
Flow Meters Blowdown Valves Software
Purity Controls Y-Pattern Valves Integrated Packages
Check Valves

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